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I grew up in Finland, in a very small village (with no street lights). There I loved exploring nature and old attics, and I read a ton of books and loved looking through old photo albums. I dreamed a lot. Now I live in the United States. I might tell you about how I first lived many years in California and then drove with my husband, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, to Florida. Now I collect seashells and things from the sea. And I thought - why not build a cabinet too? For you!

What is a cabinet of curiosities anyway?

It’s a collection of notable objects. Things for you to find and explore. Lately it seems to be science fiction focused, but don’t let that scare you away if that’s not your cup of tea. There’s more to this place so stay and look around!

I collect curious things for you, here, in this cabinet of curiosities. Some are real. Some are not real. Some things might interest you, some not as much. You might even find that you enjoy some things that you never expected to enjoy!

There’s a store in San Francisco (probably in all cities now that I think about it) that has the most curious and strange and wonderful things. Strange medical posters, taxidermy dancing mice in full costume, shells and rocks, books about maladies from the past, succulents and herbs, handmade pottery that look like hands, and an atmosphere of quiet wonder. Things that make you forget, for a little while, where you are and how you got there and what time it is. Things that make you build stories in your imagination.

This is that place, but here. With items and things and sounds and images that I put together for you to explore. Step inside. Stay a while. Tell others to come here too!

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