As a person who grew up in the eighties, much of this resonates with me!

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Jul 15, 2022Liked by Minna

Minna, this sure was a walk down the memory lane for me. Maybe it had something to do with us beeing peers and growing up in the same god forsaken village, or maybe we just happened to like the same kind of music. I don't know. But for instance Everything she wants by Wham and just about everything Prince ever sang, also were my favourites as a kid. May George Michael and Prince still be grooving in the afterworld!

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Gina! It makes me happy to see your comment here!

Yes, I remember that we like(d) very similar music. You introduced me to Duran Duran, and I remember you adored Simon. I also never forget your amazing impersonation of Tina Turner in high school! You absolutely rocked it and blew everyone away. Great times!

What other bands/artists were you into from that time?

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