Loved this read! What an experience! I live rurally in the UK and whenever I have to drive on motorways of more than 3 lanes I feel very unwell and like I lose all sense of my sense of space/ place/ time. 🚘

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I like driving, but not with my wife in the car. I let her drive when we're together. I don't need her beside me asking me why we're following such a big truck? Why are you driving so slow? Why don't you pass this moron? I used to drive a big machine eight hours a day. I told her I didn't want to drive because I drive all day. It's better if you do it. I haven't driven the freeway down in LA, and would probably be just as paranoid of missing the turn off, driving too slow, or just being lost. Good on you!

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Beautiful Minna, thank you for writing here.

Your loyal subscriber,


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