A Video Tour of Cabinet of Curiosities

Come and listen to my soothing voice!

Watch the video! It’s me, your humble hostess, speaking with my infinitely soothing voice directly to you from the ether. No frills, no edits, just the real deal. I’m giving you a tour of this place - come and check out the The Cabinet of Curiosities! I made it on Screencastify, easy peasy!

Now it’s your turn! Make a video tour of your Substack page and share a link here below. Show off your powerful art, skills and talents, and all the boring stuff too. I like boring stuff, old stuff, stuff you don’t think anyone will like. Chances are I will at least read through them!

Oh, here’s the new and fancified cover of my book. Isn’t it so much better? I forgot to include it in the video. I also think you didn’t see my OpenSea page but I don’t care, and you probably don’t either. If you really want to buy my NFTs you can dig around here and you’ll find them.

Thank you to all new subscribers, this place is growing! I am thrilled and grateful that you choose to spend your time here in the Cabinet of Curiosities! Obviously you have a refined taste in your Substack choices, and you belong here. I’m glad you've joined me on this cockeyed caravan! Here you can read more about me.

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Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities